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Simply The Best Occlusion For Your Child

Try Ortopads and see the difference. Very skin friendly with great designs for Boys and Girls.
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Hypo-Allergenic Eye patches for Kids 

What Ortopad Customers Are Saying

"I tried other patches for my four year old, but he just hated to wear them. My doctor recommended that I try Ortopads and now he can't wait to put them on in the morning. The poster for discarded old patches is a great idea!"
"We had all sorts of problems removing my daughter's eyepatches. They would stick and pull at her skin and this would always cause her to cry, She just refused to wear them. I finally tried Ortopads after talking to my doctor and the problem went away. Ortopads helped with her treatment so much"
"I have twin boys, both needing to wear patches and I was beside myself getting them to wear plain looking patches.
I then discovered Ortopads with there great designs and the boys' just love them. One day a pirate the next day a racing car driver."
"We only just recently started patching my 6 year old son and he was worried about what other children might think of him at school. Ortopads made this so much easier and in fact many of the other mums at school told me their children also wanted to wear them because they looked like fun!"